AirScout AS24,36,40,60

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Surface Treatment Plasmaclustering with Optional UV-C Ultraviolet Lighting.


Plasmaclustering technology works to safely disinfect surfaces and breathable air to an environment in which viruses cannot survive without using filters. Plasmaclustering changes the air chemistry so that viruses cannot live in it or survive in it. 

Your breathable air space needs to be at least 30,000 ions/cc to be effective against viruses like SARS Cov-2 and others. Our AirScout is fully capable of providing this.

  • Utilizes proven Plasmaclustering technology for pathogen removal and to create breathable air above 30,000 ions/cc with no chemicals, filtration or ozone.

  • Easy wall mount, comes in three sizes: 36” 48” 60” covering up to 4000 sq. feet with one head unit. (all 120v).

  • Air blasts provide high velocity discharge of plasma with two fan speed selections from remote control.

  • UV-C Ultraviolet Lighting can be added for greater efficacy.

Office Buildings




Waiting Rooms


J and S Coffee

Googols of Learning

Cottonwood Inc.

AirScout IOM