AirScout BlackBox


Combination of high efficiency HVAC fan blower with Plasmaclustering Technology. Outputs of extremely dense ionized air to cover larger areas. Low energy usage and very quiet.

The operation and use of the AirScout Black Box is based around fundamental science and basic common sense regarding plasma clusters that are air-born. It is designed to deliver adequate air volume combined with high density plasma clusters rating at 30,000+ ions/cc of air.

The HALO blower system installed within the black box can be adjusted from 300 CFM to 2500 CFM with a wide range of plasmaclustering capacity. Plasm clusters come from high voltage carbon fiber antenna built within the HALO blower and has a limited output. Your breathable air space needs to be at least 30,000 ions/cc of breathable air to be effective against viruses like SARS Cov-2 and others. Your AirScout BlackBox is fully capable of providing this.


Fan speed and air volume are only adjustable by trained personal. Best results are achieved by placing the black box around 10-15 feet from the people it is protecting.

Use the black switch located on the bottom corner to turn on. Leave the black box plugged in when not in use though. The box can be placed in any direction, or on it’s side.

  • Utilizes proven Plasmaclustering technology for pathogen removal and to create breathable air above 30,000 ions/cc with no chemicals, filtration or ozone.

  • Can be mounted on a pedestal, wall mounted, put on a cart, or directly on the floor.

  • Dimensions: 25” x 25” x 23” covering up to 30ft x 80ft

  • 300-2400 CFM

  • 120volt

  • Air blast provides high velocity discharge of plasma with adjustable fan speed selections.

  • UV-C Ultraviolet Lighting can be added for greater efficacy.

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