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Your HVAC needs

UV-C Germicidal and OA in HVAC Systems

We take your building data and begin the specification process. We work with our clients throughout the build/design to ensure that the Covid response UV-C and Plasmaclustering systems work as intended. 

Tech-UV custom engineers each design with the highest quality plasma generators to fit the needs of our customers.

Utilizing high efficiency blowers in our retrofits can reduce energy costs in all our builds   

Proven Results

Once we finish our initial analysis and installation, we perform multiple quality checks. These tests are included in the price of the analysis package and installation.  After testing, we deliver the results to our client along with a certification of the process using proven ASHRAE UV-C and OA guidelines.  We use the Bouri-Kowalski research methods in every UV-C design.

Quality Guaranteed

Our goal is to provide clients high-quality, proven systems and accurate OA air requirements. No matter the application or type of building, we pride ourselves on providing professional results. We guarantee you will be satisfied with our work.  Test sampling is available through third-party environmental firms.

Getting Your UV-C / DOA / Plasma Project Started:
Getting your project started is as easy as filling out the form below.
Please state the application and all HVAC or building information you have including the address of the facility.  We can work directly with any HVAC contractor or facilities manager. 

Thanks for submitting!

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