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Rebates are eligible per building per year for nearly all commercial customers to offset utility costs for your energy-saving upgrades by installing NPBI, plasmaclustering equipment paired with outdoor air reduction measures.  Besides increasing your energy savings, plasmaclustering will help purify your air by reducing airborne particulates, odors, and pathogens.


HVAC Biosecurity Systems 
By using your building data we custom engineer each project for maximum energy savings. We work with our clients throughout the whole build/design to ensure their needs are met.


Proven Results
Once we finish our initial analysis and installation, we perform multiple quality checks and install a CO2 sensor for added security. These tests are included in the price of the analysis package and installation. After testing, we deliver the results to our client.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for the Custom Rebates?

Any commercial customer receiving retail electric service from Georgia Power is eligible for the Custom Savings Program. The Custom Savings Program provides rebates for the implementation of measurable and verifiable energy efficiency measures like “NPBI Plasmaclustering” in the HVAC systems.


What are the Custom Rebates based on?
Custom Savings rebates are calculated at a rate of $0.10/kWh of energy saved and capped at $75,000 per building/year up to 50% of the project cost. The rebate amount is calculated with the outdoor air intake reduction and then matched to what the expected energy savings would be.

What kind of savings can be expected?
The savings per project can vary because of a wide range of factors but a typical installation could see a savings of

14%-18% in air conditioning costs. Comfort levels are achieved by preventing heat/ humidity from entering the building.


How much will this cost?
Most projects are very cost neutral. There are a few small building engineering fees on each building.  The GA Power rebate amount is related to the outside air reductions that provide a substantial financial portion to the project.


Who does the install and maintenance?
Businesses are encouraged to use their normal HVAC provider for the installation and maintenance. Tech-UV Biosecurity will handle the engineering and the rebate process of the project with complete instructions for your new CO2 sensor, and placement of the NPBI technology that can be installed in just a few hours.  Tech-UV provides all technical support, diagrams and instructions through a variety of support sources to your current facilities service provider.  


How do I start the process for my building?
Contact Tech-UV Biosecurity with a simple email or phone call, text or any other IM services.  We will need basic information about the building and the existing HVAC, occupancy, and specific location to start your rebate process. 



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