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Tech-UV specializes in the Plasmacluster Technology and engineering.  Almost all HVAC services that are offering “ionization/plasma installs” do so with no verification. Systems are put in and then walked away from. Tech-UV tests and verifies each install. 


To have the +90% kill rates of viruses and pathogens that recent studies have shown, ionic density must be >30,000 ions/cc of breathable air.  Most HVAC services are unaware of the lab tests and the required ionic density. If you were sold a system with no verification or testing. There is a chance that the density of your system is too low to be effective. Testing requires equipment and scientific understanding in order to achieve the efficacy to inactive airborne and surface pathogens and contaminates.


This is what sets us apart; why install ionizatation/plasmaclustering at low levels of density that won’t have the high efficacy to kill pathogens or clean your airspace.

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